Here’s what all the hullabaloo’s about

So what’s this all about, anyway?  Here’s your guide to my big honking trip.

I’m working on my Ph.D. in the human dimensions of natural resources.  That means that I’m interested in the ways that people and natural resources interact.  My dissertation project, for which I’m preparing now, will look at those people who are heavy-duty volunteers for environmental causes.  Perhaps you know such a person.  Perhaps you are such a person!

I want to do this project in more than one culture, because the idea of “volunteerism” is very different around the world.  So… I guess I have to travel!  Darn it.

This summer I am going to visit the two other countries (besides the U.S.) in which I want to do my dissertation project: Greece and Norway.  I will then make a quick jog (!) over to Germany to attend a Human Dimensions conference, at which I’ll be presenting a couple of posters.  Then home, and lots of kitty snuggling.

So: first Greece (Athens, Santorini and Crete):

Santorini, from

Santorini, from

Then Norway (As and Oslo:

Oslo, from

And finally, Germany (Hannover):

Here’s hoping I’ll have a little time here and there to post photos and stories from my travels!


2 thoughts on “Here’s what all the hullabaloo’s about

  1. Hey Shannon, Am going to enjoy following your travels this summer. How long will you be gone? Love the kitty cat pictures.

    • Hi Kate! Thanks for commenting. I’ll be gone five weeks total: two in Greece, two in Norway and one in Germany. I’m hoping to find some more kitties to take photos of as I go. 🙂

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