Packing, with cats

I leave on Tuesday!  That’s a little more than a day away.  I did my final packing job this afternoon.  Or perhaps I should say, we did.  I packed, and my cats packed too.


Here’s Sami illustrating the clam shell style of my suitcase.  You may think it’s a large suitcase, but really Sami is a small cat.


Here we have a nearly full suitcase, and two helpful furry friends.  Sami stuck around nearly the entire time.  Halfway through, Marie came in to sit on my white blouse.  (I ended up deciding not to take that blouse.)


And this is Petey, helping out by stomping down the stuffed contents of the suitcase.  Petey’s a lot bigger than Sami!

As you can see, I’m bringing a carry-on suitcase for my five-week trip to three countries (with at least two distinct climates).  While it’s quite a challenge, I’ll be glad when I’m not lugging a seventy-pound bag all over Europe!  Thanks to the kitties for their help packing my small but well-planned carry-on.

OK, full disclosure, I will also have a small backpack for my computer and for day trips.  But that’s it!

Oh, and I can’t leave out our newest family member!  Here’s Izzy, our newest family member.  She still lives in her own private suite:


She’s a little rough around the edges.  But she’ll be nosing into suitcases soon enough!

I’ll let you know as the trip progresses if I love or regret packing light.  I think I’m going to love it.





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