Eating in Athens

Yes, the Mediterranean Diet is a great way to keep fit.  But so far my eating experience in Athens has been … not light!  But good.  Very, very good.

Today (May 15), after visiting the Acropolis and a couple of museums, we went to an wonderful cafe recommended by our guide from the American Hellenic Institute.  At Gyristroula, we sat outside and had excellent gyros, souvlaki and sausage, along with fried potatoes for the table.  It’s too bad, but I just had to scarf down this gyro!

A mayonnaise-y sauce -- different and great.

A mayonnaise-y sauce — different and great.

For dessert, we all tried halva.  I’ve had a type of halva before — a nut-butter based confection.  But “halva” actually means “dessert” or “sweet,” and can refer to many types of sweet treats.  This halva was based on semolina (durum wheat), and was grainy and mildly sweet.  A little odd, but I’m glad I tried it!  It was a nice way to end the meal.

Halva -- think sweet polenta.

Halva — think sweet polenta.

After lunch we strolled through the Plaka, a modern shopping area built on the ruins of an ancient shopping area.  Here we found everything from olive wood spoons to silly t-shirts — perfect!

Plaka = full of delights.

Plaka = full of delights.

And … then it was time for dinner!  What?  How did that happen so quickly?

But first, a little time to watch a pre-election (very peaceful!!) demonstration around the corner from our hotel.

Red flags aren't always for the Huskers.

Red flags aren’t always for the Huskers.

Anyway, we had a dinner full of traditional Greek fare provided by the American Hellenic Institute.  Here’s our table!

A feast!

A feast!

A shredded veggie salad, greens with pork, zucchini in a light red sauce, and pastitsio: a layered pasta dish with ground lamb and bechamel sauce.  Everything was great and we staggered a bit on the way home.

So that’s my new “Mediterranean Diet!”  What do you think?  One thing’s for sure: I’m not complaining.




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