And so we begin.

Looks a little forlorn, doesn't it?

Looks a little forlorn, doesn’t it?

OK, the trip has begun!  I’m at the Lincoln airport waiting to board my first flight of three.  With any luck I’ll be in Athens in about 19 hours.

I decided to repeat my packing style from last year, hence the pic above.  Gary tweeted a picture of my carry-on size suitcase before we loaded it into the car, as proof of my amazing packing abilities.  We’ll see how well I chose the items I packed!


3 thoughts on “And so we begin.

  1. I will be interested to hear your first-hand insights into the economic crisis and the outlook of the Greek people, if you care to share.

  2. Very illuminating indeed. I have been closely watching the situation in Greece for a number of years. I hope the people come through this strong and without being hamstrung by financial institutions. It will be interesting to hear more about how the cooperative organizations are working together to solve some of these problems.

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