I’m OK, and I’m on my way.

Man, I didn’t mean for this many days to pass between posts.  But I’ve had some squirrelly wi-fi, most importantly in my hotel room last night when I thought I’d have plenty of time to write a post, and I spent most of yesterday returning to Athens from Chania.

I was distressed to discover a wildfire near Athens when I arrived.  You may have seen this on the international news.  It is very close to the city, and the winds were high yesterday which made it more difficult to fight.  But it didn’t directly impact me; my hotel was in a different part of Athens, although I had a good view of the billowing smoke on my way into the city from the airport.

I really feel bad for the Greek people this summer — as if everything happening there wasn’t enough, now they have several wildfires to deal with.  I’ve had nothing but warm encounters with the people I’ve met over the last two weeks, and I wish only the best for this country of stalwart, infinitely patient and good-hearted people.

I’m now at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, waiting for my flight to Minneapolis (one of three total — four if you count yesterday’s flight from Chania).  I had hoped to write my next post here, but the wi-fi isn’t good enough for me to deal with photos.  So I’ll resume writing when I get home, and I hope you’ll still be along for the ride.


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  1. Loved reading all of your posts again this summer. Hope the time was successful and profitable for you. Good to know you’re on your way home again!

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